Your Point Is?

The cumulative message of my blog is not focused, it is free-flowing at this time. I am okay with this. Design, Illustration, Faith, Humor, Short Stories, Personal Growth and Productivity Co-Exist here. Co-Exist is a politically correct word although, I do not strive to be politically correct but Christ approved. At times those roads do meet.

I am not ready to focus the verbal content, other than to build my online presence for Rejoycin’ as a creative communications source. For now, I plan to roll with the creative flow and not try to bucket it.

When I have enough verbal content I will categorize it and organize it for bucket people. I am one of them. (Previously, I have always performed more visually than verbally so hence, I have yet to define my direction.)

I sketched out a graphic resume idea last night that I am excited to build prior to my website development. Can’t wait to share!

So, here is my professionally roadmap:

  • Graphic Story: Create a current profile of who I am, what I have done, and an accumulative intelligent summary of what I can do for others. Incorporate my portfolio. My skills and talents are vast yet, I haven’t stopped long enough to package them.
  • LinkedIn: Graphic Story
  • FB: Create Rejoycin’ page
  • Website: Social Media and Visual Communication
  • Write a children’s book on scripture direction shared from when my aunt was a young girl
  • Illustrate my daughters story, “The Shadow” — it is terrific!!
  • Manufacturer and market my scripture illustrations.
  • Share more Faith and Inspiration Messages
  • Write more Neuroticism Short Stories – as they surface, oh dear!
  • Illustrate my Stories
  • Create and Infographic on Prayer
  • Inspire others
  • Share the amazing love of Christ!
  • Research the market for demands and unfilled niches
  • Create a marketing plan and GO!
  • ps: there are some surprises planned ; )

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