Ruth, A Love Story

RUTH AND BOAZWidowed Naomi with Ruth by her side

Alone on a journey in loss

Broken undone, exhausted and empty

“Does God have Grace enough?”

Entered in Bethlehem, Boaz took notice

Extended his Grace undeserved

Arms full of grain, food for the evening

Naomi ignites with a plan

“Washed and perfumed, go and find Boaz

Uncover his feet and lie down

Redemption is nearing, take off your mourning

At the feet of Boaz be found”

Boaz watched the field for intruders

Returned home to rest and restore

Awoken by Ruth, appealing and humbled

“Spread your cloak over me”


A Boaz for every Ruth

Kinsman redeemer for all

Anoint yourself, prepare for the day

“Get thee down to the floor”

Ruth, no different than you or I

A foreigner seeking appeal

Ruth was poor, as we are poor

Without offer in need of help

Ruth sought out her kinsman redeemer

The road led to Grace in her groom

Our kinsman redeemer in Christ our Lord

Most faithful unfathomable bride

Hopelessness replaced, pours in His Grace

Desires fulfilled lack regained

Grace reaches out, embraces our nothing

And we become heirs of the King!

One of the greatest love stories to be found is the story of Ruth, in the book of Ruth, in the bible. Ruth was a Moabite woman who married into an Israelite family and eventually converted to Judaism. She is the great-grandmother of King David and hence an ancestor of the Messiah.

The book of Ruth and Max Lucado’s message on Grace inspired this poem. Click hear to listen.


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