I have been quiet tending to much in my home-life with little/no time to spare. Just logging on for a moment and stopped at Revelations in Writing that is consistently as a drink of cool water.
When I am worn, this blog provides a gentle tug to move forward. When I am harried, I find Peace. When I need Jesus, He is shared.
Shannon offers a devotional and the heart of Jesus. I invite you to view her posts:

Revelations In Writing

Death of Sarah

burial land.

Faithful servant

crossing sand.

Prayerful seeking

trusting wait.

Beauty with water

did not hesitate.

One request

a simple sign,

to demonstrate

a heart that’s kind.

Before him stood

one offering

all he had asked,

O praise the King!

Weary traveler

granted rest.

Faithful seeker,

fully blessed.

Beauty found

with humble heart.

Faith to follow

and do her part.

Rebekah went

to meet her groom.

No sorrow, fear

nor sense of doom.

With faith and trust

Isaac came into view,

veiled in faithfulness,

she said, “I do.”


(my response to Genesis 24 – the story of Isaac and Rebekah)


Though Rebekah was beautiful according to the biblical account, what is inspiring about Rebekah is her inner beauty.  She clearly had the heart of a faithful servant, that fully and completely trusted her Heavenly Father.  She willingly left all that she knew – her home…

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