We Look Rather Good Cleaned Up! My Family at Christmas

Do you have memories of visiting a family member only to be captured in a stream of home movies? Perhaps you were gracious, or excused yourself —I won’t know if you are rude so, here we go!

Guiseppi and CeeCee

Guiseppi and CeeCee

The following video is from this evenings Christmas Eve service with my daughter on violin. At 13 she has played the violin for about 6 years intermittently. Currently, she is the student of a 90-year-old accomplished artist who loves the Lord. Where most teachers of violin retire by 70, my daughter is blessed with an extremely skilled musician whose desire is to share with my daughter what he knows before he departs this earth. The pure love that I witness in this relationship can only be through the hand of God:

This is a family gathering from last weekend when my cousin visited from DC. My mother just lost her seventh sibling with 3 remaining. Some of our family met with my cousins from DC, who just lost their mom. The lime green tree is why I never had an artificial tree. It is one in a history of artificial trees. My mom and most of her siblings are all very fond of embellishment! An aunt once shared that because my grandfather had such strong Christian convictions, he would not permit a Christmas tree in the home. My mother and her siblings would gather branches from neighborhood trees that had been discarded and take them to the basement of their South Philadelphia home and build a tree with the collected branches and decorate it—outside the view of their father. Today, it is evident they were ‘bling’ neglected because of the unleashed glitz that has resulted! That is my mom in the gray sequins on the left—at 94 she has a zeal for life that I would like to have more of.

@ mom's

@ mom’s

Me and CeeCee

Me and CeeCee @ mom’s

My daughter and I are very close. Her internet name is CeeCee although, her actual name is a story in of itself. I will share another time…


@ brothers, Christmas Eve

Here we are at my brothers tonight. Traditionally my mother always had Christmas Eve but my sister-in-law has taken it over the last few years. My mother was truer to the 7 fish Italian dinner but, my sister-in-law has also kept the tradition going with her touch to it.

We returned home to a list of tasks to complete. I am finishing this post at 4:00 A.M., stopping in the kitchen to clean my turkey for tomorrow and then catching a few hours before I launch all out dinner prep for tomorrow. I can not wait until later this evening when I can sleep!

Our visiting Pastor said it best tonight: Merry Christmas, but more than this, may Christ be a part of each day of your life. Love in Jesus, Denise

CeeCee and B

CeeCee and B


2 thoughts on “We Look Rather Good Cleaned Up! My Family at Christmas

  1. Christmas was just simply wonderful in her solo. It was so nice to see your family photos. Thanks you for sharing your family with us. Merry Christmas, Denise.

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