We Shall Hear the Angels

Dec 2010 snow storm @ Fairmount Park

Dec 2010 snow storm @ Fairmount Park


my angel

We shall find peace.
We shall hear the angels,
We shall see the sky
sparkling with diamonds.*

*Anton Chekhov, 1897


3 thoughts on “We Shall Hear the Angels

  1. So beautiful. Denise, you have shared your family with us unconditionally – this picture leaves me speechless. Reading your words this week have brought peace to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Ah Barb, thank you! I love this quote and I believe it is so fitting for this season we are in as a country. The recent horrific media news has my heart, and many, hungry for that reassurance of Peace- hungry for Christ.
    I have been thinking that we also must be alert not to have evil penetrate our homes by robbing our vibrant children of this season. Regardless, as an adult I am clinging to Peace for my heart is with the mourning– I have not come out the other side myself.
    I began a gift for the families last night but I am unsure if I will post the sketch or weight for the completion.
    This brief post also helped me with needed time! I am behind far this year in prep but it will all be done, soon. Denise

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