Mouse in the House

Rejoycin_Denise Cotter Church Mouse


by Denise Cotter

There was a little mouse
Who skittled round the house
Til on that fateful day
He strayed away from bay

He followed first the carolers
Then slipped into the church
And what occurred soon after that
Has left us in a lurch

He bore a downhole in the trough
Where dolly-Jesus lay
And made his bed just in that spot
In a little patch of hay

Come Christmas Eve the church was full
with parishioners and guests
To glorify the Lord of lords
And celebrate Christs’ birth

The service reached a peak of Joy
And silence followed in
The spotlights shone upon the crèche
And hearts all zeroed in

Just then mouse woke beneath the place
That dolly-Jesus lay
Startled by the lights up bright
Lept through the hole beneath dolly lay

The dolly in the trough did leap
Thrust high beneath the lights
And plummeted back on wise men 3
Which sent them into flight

The domino results that followed
I rather not repeat
But one dear lady rich in faith
Hardly felt defeat

With arms raised high, eyes fixed above
She praised Christ King of kings
Her faith was not in displays of man
Or fixed on earthly things

Void of exhibit, flourish and shine
Unscathed by bedlam and noise
Her heart rest in the Spirit of Christ
That could not be shattered, abolished or destroyed

This Christmas time enjoy the sparkles
Embellishments and feasts
But in your heart hold tight the Child
The Gift void of defeat!

Merry Christmas from Denise Cotter and daughter CeeCee

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