Is Santa welcome at your house?


sm_Master_Christmas Countdown“James Dobson says it helps to develop a child’s imagination”.
“Does it look like my daughter suffers from a lack of imagination?”

“Your dad is on the phone pretending to be Santa Claus, what do I do?”
“Just put her on the phone, I told her not to tell Poppy the truth. She won’t tell him—promise.”

I am not sure why others were so disturbed when I made the decision not to promote Santa Claus in our home. My daughter loved the manger and the animals, especially taking the baby and bathing him and placing him back in the trough. Personally I had no issues with others playing Santa and I still don’t today—each family should decide for themselves. I survived the crushing news at eight years old from my informed cousin and so will generations of children to come without damaging repercussions.

Today my daughter is not emotionally damaged for life for not believing in Santa, just as replacing Halloween with Harvest Fest did not leave her lacking for anything. For me and my house, I was more concerned that the fantasy of Santa Claus would become entangled in Jesus and give place to an opening that it was all make believe. And yes, I did not feel comfortable deceiving my daughter. That being said, Santa was not banned from our home, our television, our cookies, paper wrap, books or even a visit that she once requested. She understood Santa was a fun, make-believe character and not to let on to Poppy because it would crush him!

It’s Christian liberty! My freedom in Christ says that I am just as free not to celebrate secular traditions as I am to participate, (in some)*. Frankly, the celebration of Christmas has many pagan roots including mistletoe, Santa, the Christmas tree and the celebration itself, which comes from pagan festivals and more recently it is adorned in commercialism. Others have also commented that Jesus was not born on December 25th. Pastor Russell McKinney shared:

Listen, Jesus knows that He wasn’t born on December 25th, and He knows about Saturnalia and all the other winter-solstice festivals that other cultures used to celebrate. But He also knows what it is to live in a fallen world. And, knowing that, what He asks from us each Christmas (as well as every other time of the year) is that we live all out for Him.

Pastor Russell also shared that it is our responsibility to separate myth and reality along with the fun of the holiday. Ultimately, if we each pour our hearts out to the Lord he will show us guidelines and boundaries for our families and lead us to a decision of Peace.

I am looking forward to our annual viewing of The Miracle on 34th Street, as well as It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge, The Grinch and Elf plus all the animated specials! Are there any traditional movies that you watch in your home?

*Halloween, but that is another day.


4 thoughts on “Is Santa welcome at your house?

  1. I love that quote from McKinney. Can you imagine if we tried to weed every single pagan root out of our gardens? We are aliens and foreigners passing through this temporal existence. I am going to do my best to not adopt the practices of the world as led by God’s own Spirit. But, I won’t allow the constant weeding to take away from the beauty of growing vibrantly in Him. When focusing on nourishing the garden with the Word, communion, and fellowship, often the weeds will disappear. 🙂

    • “When focusing on nourishing the garden with the Word, communion, and fellowship, often the weeds will disappear.” – ain’t that the truth and the best method! That is to ideal— to be so involved and focused on growing, others and our relationship with Christ that we don’t even miss the things of the world that slip away. Good day Cristal- Denise

  2. I refused to allow Santa celebrations and my kids could not have cared less. I dont believe in lying to kids. For if we lie about this, how can they accept the truth of a miracle birth? I believe that this tradition comes from Satan’s desire to subvert our celebration of Jesus’ birth. And while it is not Jesus’ birthday, the early church felt that it was a necessary celebration to set up. As to the pagan rituals (tree etc) I do celebrate the lighted tree as Christ’s triumph over the pagan tree, the candels as the light that we must shine to the unsaved world. So I do celebrate many of the traditions with a Christian spin on it. And yes, I do love Dickon’s Christmas carol, Nutcracker and the like as Christmas should be “magical”, for Jesus’ birth was a miracle.

  3. Thank you for sharing. There was a woman at our church that matched your passion in her dislike of Santa and would rally with you it being a scheme of the enemy to divert others from Jesus birth. I really like what Pastor McKinney shared, “He [God] also knows what it is to live in a fallen world. And, knowing that, what He asks from us each Christmas (as well as every other time of the year) is that we live all out for Him.” There is too much good to rally for to become enmeshed in rituals and traditions and arguing their cause. I agree with you that we should do all we can to preserve and celebrate the miraculous birth of our Savior!

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