The Reason? The Majesty!


The reason for the season

The bright and Morningstar 

Immanuel the Savior

Come down from heav’n above

The Word from the beginning

Messiah, King of kings

The Ruler of Creation

Behold the Great I Am

Maker, Teacher, Counselor

Father, Holy One

Jehovah-Rapha, Alpha Omega

Judge, Exhalted One

The Lamb of God

The Prince of Peace

True Light, the Bread, the Vine

My Advocate, my Shade, my Refuge

Majesty on High.


Scripture Reference for the Names of Christ:
Although I personally gravitate to the English Standard Version of the bible (or ESV), I have linked the references to a site with multiple translations and references. Because bible translations differ, some names for God may be substituted with a Word of the same or similar meaning according to the interpretation.
Morningstar: Revelation 22:16
Immanuel: Matthew 1:23
Savior: 1 John 4:14
The Word: John 1:1
Messiah: John 1:41
King of kings: Revelation 19:16
The Ruler of Creation: Colossians 1:17
I Am: Exodus 3:14
Maker: Isaiah 54:5
Teacher: John 13:13
Counselor, Father, Prince of Peace: Isaiah 9:6
Holy One: Isaiah 54:5
Jehovah-Rapha (Jehovah-Rapha is Hebrew for “The Lord That Heals”): Exodus 15:26
Alpha Omega: Revelation 1:8
Judge: Psalm 75:7
Exhalted One: Isaiah 57:15
Lamb of God: John 1:29
True Light: John 1:9
Bread: John 6:51
Vine: John 15:5
Advocate: I John 2:1
Shade: Psalm 121:5
Refuge: Jeremiah 16:19
Majesty on High: Hebrews 1:3

Poem by Denise Cotter, Godspired!


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