Ish Milchamah: Adonai is a Warrior

For some time now I have had a strong interest in studying God through His Hebrew names. As I pause and think on His names, it is as though God’s very essence is revealed and there is an intimacy that deepens— a glimpse of His Glory is revealed. Often the ‘opinion’ that I have formed is corrected and, through His revelation, my understanding begins to line up with the Truth of who God says He is—in His Word, the Holy Bible. It is incredibly awesome!!! My spirit wells up as if God himself visits through His Names! Not that surprising since scripture reveals that the Word Is God¹.

Ish Milchamah is God’s Hebrew name for Warrior; “Adonai is a warrior” or “The Lord is a Man of War” (Exodus 15:3). But, doesn’t this contradict my understanding that God is Peace? “No”, but we will get to that.


Adonai will go out like a soldier Isaiah 42:13

There are 96 verses in the bible about warriors. Seventeen of the 148+ names for God describe Him as a Defender²— the One who protects us and who fights for us. I am happy with this! Ephesians 6:11 reads, “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” But does this sound like the blue-eyed, sandy-blonde longhaired image of Jesus that you see in the local pizzeria? “No”,  and THAT is why you should not paint images of Jesus— but, that is another message.

Jeremiah 20:11 reads that “Adonai is with me like a dreaded warrior” and that our persecutors will stumble and be defeated and greatly ashamed. God wages war on our behalf! In Isaiah 35:4 we are encouraged not to fear but to leave matters to God. I hear, “Denise, I have your back,” and “I will come with vengeance in My time and in My way on your behalf if you have been wronged”. God can turn the very thing that injured us to our advantage. “Go get um’ Daddy, they really did me wrong!” His Grace may give time for a person to repent where I might move to immediately conquer.

Adonai is His name

Adonai is with me like a dreaded warrior

So, is this saying that a nation should not go to war? Isaiah 2:4 reads, “Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they learn war.” Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry³ wrote that “Anyone can take verses out of context and compare them to other verses out of context and get a ‘contradiction’.” In the previous verse “God is giving a prophet announcement of a future time when He will be the one who settles disputes and there will be no more war”. In Exodus 15:3 when God is called a Warrior, the context is in the anniliation of the Egyptian Army.  Foolish Egyptians had enslaved the Israelite nation and God proclaimed Himself as Warrior to deliver them. It was a time to fight!

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:  … time for war, and a time for peace. (Ecclesiastes 3, Oh, and The Byrds)

There is no contradiction for God to be both a Warrior for justice and also love peace. This is just as true with myself—my nature is most at home on a peaceful nature walk or sitting by the ocean, but wrong my daughter or be unjust to me or anyone I love, and you may see a bear surface! As God is revealed through His Hebrew names, the knowledge will not only change your understanding of God but also will also likely change you. Blogging on this subject may not be in sequential order although, I will intersperse revelations and Godspired† art from time to time. Please check out God Doodles for more frequent adds on this subject. Thank you.

Do you see the name WARRIOR in the graphic of a Roman shield on this page? This study has inspired the new page on this blog titled, “God Doodles”. Warrior is the first doodle developed for application to clothing and perhaps more. I am excited to share the illustrated names of God with you—there are over 150! It is also a great opportunity to share the identity of God with people who like my art. I don’t believe that God called me solely to a business but to use my art as a vehicle to share the Word of God and help to grow and Godspire His Kingdom. It has been just a few months now that I have aspired to grow Rejoycin’ and I appreciate your prayers. Please visit my Facebook page (also linked in the right sidebar) until I develop a website. In all sincerity, I am jumping without a net and truly trusting God to bless this direction along with the work of my hands.
To God be ALL the Glory! Blessing Friends, Denise Cotter
¹John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
² Duet 33:29; Isaiah 19:19-20; Psalm 35:23-24; Prov 23:10,11
†Godspired is a word that I made up as a tagline for Rejoycin’. If it exists previously, I don’t know about it. Godspired is the product developed as a direct response to God-breathed inspiration through His Word and God-breathed revelations to myself and others. I love love love this word : ) !!

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