WWJEI love planning dinner parties and matching the fare to the likes of the guests. And, I am pretty darn good at determining the tastes and limits of a person’s palette–it is a quirky little knack I have. So I started thinking… how would I plan a dinner party for Jesus AND whom would I invite?

What Would Jesus Eat?

My thoughts gravitated to a whole fish fillet with the head and tail in tact, possibly snapper or trout. It would be simply grilled and displayed on a long rectangular tray with the edges slightly raised, like the roof tiers on an Asian pagoda. Accompanying the entrée would be a Mediterranean-inspired salad composed of fresh crisp fennel, radicchio, calamata olives, grilled corn, poached pear wedges and toasted pine nuts. The salad would be dressed lightly with a citrus vinaigrette, mildly seasoned and heavy with fresh parsley leaves. Would Jesus prefer rice, potato or pasta? I decided on a Bhutanese red rice with fresh lentils, coriander, cumin and ginger.

The table would appear unintentional and effortless with cobalt Fiesta dinnerware and leaded crystal goblets. Not delicate, but weighted deep angular goblets that called for a firm grip. On either side of the table would be handcrafted clay candleholders glazed in brown and gold tones fading to a blue wash. I had discovered them in a potter’s studio many years ago. An intricate beeswax candle would be inserted into each. For the rice I would use a porcelain bowl that the artist so carefully formed. From its base up two-thirds of the contour, it is dipped in a dull white satin glaze that modifies to the unfinished clay for the top third. The bowl is finished with braids intertwined of soft red unglazed clay that is woven in triple strands to form a united finish. My wedding silver would adorn the place settings, impeccably polished on top of freshly washed and ironed linen napkins. Ideally the pattern on the napkins would be an unobtrusive bold blue plaid to match the table covering of the same fabric.

A total of eight guests would be comfortable, Jesus, myself and six others. The rightful thing to do would be to invite others who didn’t know him— mix it up! After all, I would want to take full advantage of this opportunity. The additional guests would include a friend suffering with a disease at this time, another friend downhearted and discouraged, a couple in my family and another dear agnostic friend. My daughter would be present, completing the list.

I would be like Martha¹, busy preparing and noting the details so that everyone could be attentive to our Guest of honor. The guests would be given every opportunity to listen intensively to the precious Word that Jesus would share. The tone of His voice is captivating and His warmth permeates my soul as I gather the dishes from the table and scrape the remains into the disposal. When the night had fallen and the last guest had left, Jesus would remain. It is then that He would share a special message for me alone, with my daughter at my side as we snacked on fresh figs and berries. Sitting at His feet, feasting on every Word, my strength is renewed and my spirit is tranquil.

When He stood to leave, he graciously thanked us for the evening and the fine dinner. We thanked Him in return for the Bread.

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:35

¹The story of Martha

4 thoughts on “WWJE

  1. Your blog looks wonderful. This is a fantastic imagination of dinner with our Saviour – love the ending, really poignant. Look forward to reading more of your work.

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